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legendary Pakistani cricketers share their thoughts and experiences regarding their collaboration with the Gwadar Cricket Club. They express their views on the significance of nurturing young talent and promoting cricket in the region of Gwadar.

The cricketers discuss the opportunities and challenges they encountered while working with the club, highlighting the potential it holds for the development of cricket in the area and its impact on the aspiring players. Throughout the conversation, they emphasize the importance of supporting local cricketing infrastructure to ensure a brighter future for the sport in Pakistan. Their shared insights and positive experiences reflect the promising prospects of the Gwadar Cricket Club in contributing to the growth of cricket in the country.

Gwadar Cricket Academy Senior members We have the best people to guid us.

Patron in Chief's Message

It is my utmost pleasure that I am part of the team which is doing a remarkable effort to encourage the less privileged by providing best facilities and equal opportunities to avail the life time goals. We will use the sports to strengthen friendship and to bridge the gap between cultures and communities. We know that the net outcome of the academy is totally positive and will leave a very good impact on entire society. Society should participate in academic activities for the greater interest of the Youngers. Abdul Hameed Rasheed (Chairman) and Entire team is a pillar of strength and tower of motivation in spurring the Academy on its upward momentum.

Rashid Muhammad

Chairman Message

A sport playing nation is always more cohesive as a force, because there is more bonding among its people and in all rivalry it is the sportsmen's spirit that prevails .I would like to appreciate the Gwadar Academy team that they did a outstanding job to mobilize the society and faced more troublesome while stepping upward this great cause. Our basic aim to counter the illegal practices which are so common in the society. My best wishes/prays for entire team and to pass the message that Get up Never give up. We hope that academy will spread its wings to every corner of the region. The Academy has been conceptualized with the idea that cricket as a sport is not just about identifying talent but also giving them the right direction, the right channel that would propel their prospects for the future. I am immensely proud of my team for being consistent in their struggle and make possible the successful journey.

Abdul Hameed Rasheed

President's Message

It is with a sense of great pleasure that we bring the Gwadar Cricket Academy (GCA) to a nation where Cricket is treated as Passion. GCA is striving to groom the youngest and boost the cricket from the grass root level. After taking over as President in 2017, I am extremely pleased how together we have been able to re-energies all parts of the academy and set down some real goals for the future endeavors. It is my hope that this academy will bring the sport of Cricket to a level of professionalism not ever seen at the grassroots level and help change the cricketing scenario for the betterment of not just for the players but also for the game itself. Academy will bring the excellence cricket coaching and state of art facilities and procedures to make mentally strong the player for any kind of competition. We will provide best ever right and exact guideline as per cricket standards to achieve the life time goal to join the lot of national heroes list.

Haji Hanif Hussain

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  •       Cricket activities in Gwadar have risen from 2017. When Gwadar Cricket academy was stablished till then due to the involvement of Abdul Hamid, captain Nisar and Asgar Hussain. Gwadar cricket academy have grown exponentially. We can expect to find great new players from there.

    Tauseef Ahmed, Former Pakistani Test Cricketer

  •       The professional work going in gwadar cricket academy have been tremendous for youngster. GCA management have great facilities for their students. I have known GCA management team personally and wish to continuously visit them and meet with the young players.

    Shoaib Muhuammad Former Pakistani Test Cricketer

  •       I have visited gwadar and Gwadar cricket academy and i am pleased to say that their work has been very amazing and professional. I have seen youngsters playing there myself and they have amazing skills, dedication and love towrd cricket.

    Sadiq Muhammad Former Pakistani Test Cricketer

  •       Gwadar Cricket Academy will always have my support, help and thanks. I am very pleased with Haji Hanif Hussain for what he has been doing for pakistani cricket. And cangratulate him for his work and his work will bear fruits Inshallah. I will do my best to visit them and they have my full support and services.

    Javed Miandad Former Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team